The Montreal Japanese Manga School « Manga Montreal » is the first school of drawing manga in Canada, founded by a professional Japanese mangaka.

Manga Montreal  is pleased and excited to offer manga courses, which focuses not just on the manga drawing techniques but also on the impact of Japanese anime and manga on everyday life.

  • The Montreal Japanese Manga School « Manga Montreal » offers private lessons and drawing manga workshops with japanese mangakas.
  • You can also learn Japanese with Manga Montreal, the Montreal Japanese Manga School in partnership with Soutien Scolaire Québec (SSQc)

If you want to learn how to speak, read and write Japanese, learning from a qualified language instructor is the most effective way.

All our manga and japanese teachers are native japanese speakers with university degrees. They are fluent in english and french. They personalize their courses according to your needs and objectives.

If you are looking for a manga or a japanese teacher that can really enhance your skills;  the Montreal Japanese Manga School is the school for you!